Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Filipino Voters Shoud Vote for My Presidential Candidate

May 9 is fast approaching and it looks like all the Presidential bets are trying to out do and out-dirt each in ways that left us bewildered and make us look deeper on who will we choose to be the next leader in our country.

I want to choose a leader that is decisive. I dont mind leaders that are divisive if divisive means drawing a clear line in the sand and defines what he or she believes in.

For example i do not believe in mending fences with corrupt people like the Marcoses. The Marcoses are not a large ethnic group of people that have found themselves on the wrong side of the law due to some cultural context and that have to be accommodated or considered for exception. The Marcoses are one political family that I believe has corrupted a system for generations of their existence. The fact that they roam freely among us and live the lifestyles that they do is a mark of shame that I carry as a Filipino.

 If that is a symbol of divisiveness then ill take pride in that accusation and label.

I will vote for a candidate that holds their ground against the Marcoses   in any way shape or form.
So what are things you should consider why you should vote for my presidential bet.

1. A long history of political background under his belt.
2. Protecting and continuing the works of the previous administration in ways that he will not put the blame why situation has happened in our country.
3. He will be prepared to undertake the challenges most especially in the foreign policy of the country, specifically the China problem.
4. He will be knowledgeable enough to prevent future financial crises that we may face.
5. He will hold accountable all the government people who have plundered the countyr’s wealth and fight corruption along the way.
6. He will be a president who will put tough sanction against local terrorism.
7. He will invest on the labor sector and will revitalize the laboor forces.
8. He belives that an affordable healthcare coverage is a right of every Filipino people.
9. He has the most valid economic agenda among the presidentiables today.
10. He is more than prepared to be the next President of the Republic.


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