Wednesday, May 11, 2016


If you accuse someone, make sure you have unquestionable evidence. A satirical article as evidence? Please! Go back to high school so you'd know the difference! 

Memes? Go back to the primary source. If you can't, triangulate! That means looking for secondary sources and validating the information. 

Proclamations by BBM? Wow. He was old enough to be aware of the atrocities committed under martial law, so how could you even believe that he has your best interests in mind? 

Duterte won. Isn't that a prime example that our democracy and electoral process worked? If you're questioning Leni's lead, FYI -- that's the same process that placed Duterte there. 

On the current administration, the reason you don't know what they've achieved is because you didn't even take time enough to read and string the pieces together. 

Our economy is way better than before. Let me tell you why --

Suffering from the worst traffic in the word? That's because you and your friends had enough expendable money to purchase a car or two. 

Cheap airfare and congested airports? That's because  you and your friends are enjoying the benefits of competition. You've got Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, PAL, etc to choose from. Oh, and in case you're wondering how smooth the travel is from the airport to your tourist destination, that's because there was a Tourism Road Convergence Program.

Expensive toll fees? Isn't that the price you pay for a 4-hour ride to Baguio because  TPLEX was linked to SLEX*? What about the other infrastructure projects under this administration? 

School buildings? This administration had the most number of school buildings constructed compared to Marcos, Ramos, Estrada, and Arroyo combined. 

Our credit rating has been upgraded several times. And oh, we now have money loaned to other countries. 

Corruption? DPWH has generated billions in savings from procured projects -- all of which were returned to construct more roads. Btw, did you know that the road's thickness is now 8 inches from 6? No, I don't think you'd notice. 

Communities can now participate in the budgeting process. You didn't know that, did you? Because you never cared to participate anyway.

I'll be the first to say that this administration is far from perfect. But you need to give credit where credit is due. 


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