Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Next President

 In today’s society where everyone are tech savvy and social media has been instrumental in voicing one’s opinion, the issue of expressing our choice of presidential candidate could have some implications.
There’s a saying in order to keep a healthy conversation steer clear of issues involving politics and religion. Probably it’s about time to consider these reasons and ponder if in case you are still in the lookout for our next president.

Why does the survey shows that some candidates is gaining momentum more than the others or so it seems ,when in all the rallies, we see more people than the other candidates? Are surveys still reliable? Yes it is still reliable.

Unless you can show proof that all socio-economic classes are represented proportionally sa rally, the magnitude of the participants in any rally is not a good indicator that you will win the election. What it shows though is the strong support among the ABC class. Unfortunately, (and campaign handlers knows this), ABC represents less than 50% of the voting class. As supporters of your chosen presidential candidate, you have to help your campaign win more in the DE classes.

That is the significance of a survey, it helps everybody find weaknesses sa campaign. One other thing, which should be a cause of concern for everybody, it does not matter who is on the top in the survey given that the difference between 1-2-3 is less than 5%. Command votes (religious and political) can easily deliver 10%. Again, if you want your candidate to win, you need to go out and convince your neighbors (especially the poor ones) to support your candidate. Doing your campaign on FB does not help your candidate because a big percentage of the D (especially the E) is not online. At best, viral campaigning only conditions the mind of those online that they will be cheated

. My chosen candidate genuinely cares for the people. With so many TV political advertisements flooding the television networks showing concern for the poor, children, elderly and women my candidate has already proven his worth by championing the causes of children through free education, by providing free healthcare for the poor, providing funds for the elderly and creating opportunities for women and workers. These are just some of his accomplishments. Just imagine what else he could do for our country.

He exhibits leadership and has made real plans on how to lead us on how to boost the fiscal investment . Choosing the next president for the basis of popularity is not ideal. He may not be liked by others by among the top contenders for the presidential post; he is the only one with good proven leadership skills. The way he handled his city when he was a mayor showed that he could easily inculcate discipline which translated to success of the city as a whole.

 This next president has eloquent diplomacy. A great president should have commanding presence among leaders of other nations and my choice surely got this characteristic on the bag. He can easily deal with dignitaries from other countries, which the Philippines badly need at this point. Not only has he had to deal with the pressing issue of China’s threat to our sovereignty, but also to uphold the image of our country for international joint projects and opportunities. .

He must really show his  experience and maturity. His maturity not only in age but also in experience will help in improving our nation’s economy and security. His long line of accomplishments holding various positions in the past say it all. 5. My bet will surely win since he has strong character. A good leader like him does not succumb to adversities. Amidst all the accusations that could have maligned his reputations he remained strong and humble. He had handled himself very well stood out a victor


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