Monday, April 25, 2016

The Debate

In light of the latest Debate I remember the Point of a wise man I spoke to regarding Politics – the need for a leader that can provide a quantum leap of progress for the country. 

Quantum Leap – per the dictionary, is defined as a sudden LARGE change, development, or improvement. 

I wanted to share this opinion because I am currently an undecided voter (for President) and I hoped that (apart from my own efforts in researching) the last public presidential debate would provide me an inclination to make a solid decision.

However, the “positions” on “issues” were almgost the same for everyone. The general equation was: ISSUE = POPULAR ANSWER THAT WOULD DRIVE VOTES. 
• Problem on Traffic = Infra
• Problem with China = Diplomacy 
• You get the idea

Assuming for the sake of argument that they all fulfill their promises, the “who” becomes negligible. 

Nobody talked about:
• Entrepreneurship – as a means to leapfrog growth via relevant agencies like (1) DOST (2) DepEd (3) DTI (4) Finance (5) How to bridge capital, (6) how to enhance ideas (7) etc. 
• Creative Infra Solutions – It’s election period. Every candidate will promise every road, railway, infra possible (even the fastest internet on earth). If you wanted to stand out, one should’ve studied a differentiated solution to infrastructure both interim, and the end-goal – further than 2022. 
• Institutionalizing Anti-Corruption Measures – that while it starts from the top (the President), it should also be institutionalized with laws so that it is sustainable, 
• Metrics in Measuring Success – disruptive POVs on measuring success like Bhutan on their Gross Domestic Happiness, or Bill Clinton’s change of paradigm by measuring how many people we’re transitioning into Millionaires  

I understand that the problems of the country is quite basic & I understand that to a certain degree, true change takes time  – BUT if the solutions are likewise basic,(commonsensical even), our growth-timetable would also be at normal speed. If you compare that with our neighbors in #ASEAN’s rate of progress, we will never be a step-ahead.

Nobody had a clear vision.
Every candidate was reactive to the questions. 
Nobody had a clear narrative in which they can always pivot their answers to.  
No had clear answers on how to combat corruption and no one had a plan on how they will bring in plan for Good Governance.

The debate attempted to provide an opportunity for the candidates to lay down the roadmap of their respective narratives but everyone failed. To have a peaceful, and progressive Philippines is NOT a vision – that’s truism. Nobody wants to live in war, and in a country without progress. Do we want the PH to be the leader of Asia somewhere down our roadmap? As a vision, do we want every citizen to have the ability to pursue happiness via hardwork – just like the (supposed) American Dream? Nobody had a clear vision that can inspire me. 

As May 9 comes close, it pains me that I need to lower my standards due to the reality at hand and choose the lesser evil. But I encourage my friends, and whoever gets to read this, that we do not lessen our resolve to help elevate the pertinent issues, and HOW they SHOULD be addressed by our leaders. 

The debate on social media is stronger. Friendships are tested. People are fighting. Some are subliminally treating it as a contest of conversion and engagement. I hope we think more about OUR future, and not these candidates. Let’s not play victim to the breadcrumbs they’ve left us to quarrel about. 

This is it. We need to make lemonade out of these lemons.


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