Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why My Presidential Bet Will Not Make It

The Philippine Elections 2016 is something that the majority of Filipinos are looking forward to. With just a couple months before the day that we could cast our votes, the clamor among the presidential candidates is heated up in a much higher degree.
Among the candidates for presidency this year we have very interesting choices- from a plethora of traditional politicians to new young blood who are all making huge promises in hopes to lure the Filipino voters and finally secure the Malacańang throne. 

At this time, probably you already made up your mind and will vote for the only rose among the thorns. This presidential candidate garnered a top rank lead in the previous election for senator. She also has a good drama story going on just like a “telenovela” that could reap many sympathy votes. But in spite of her melodramatic life story, this presidential candidate will fail because of the following reasons:
Issues of citizenship. On 2001, this presidential candidate renounced her Filipino citizenship to become an American citizen. This is not a big issue for regular folks like you and me who took the opportunity to work for greener pastures. But for someone who is eyeing the highest seat in the country to be the next president this will play a significant role. In order to acquire American citizenship, there will be a ceremony wherein a person such as this candidate has to renounce her Philippine citizenship and then swear allegiance to United States. Renouncing your Filipino citizenship for someone who desires to be the next Philippine president is by all means unnationalistic. How can she serve our country as president when she even turned her back on her being a Filipino? Aside from this fact, she will be taking her husband along with their children (who are all US citizens) to Malacańang making a mockery of what it means to be a Filipino and the values that this country believes in. Just think again how can someone serve the Filipino people if this person betrayed her own nation?
Lack of government experience and knowledge. We cannot deny the fact that this candidate won as senator because of the sympathy that comes after the death of his ‘so called’ legendary actor father FPJ. Filipinos truly adore the heroic figure that FPJ portrayed in his movies and madam candidate seized the opportunity to grab a high position in the national government. A new senator with no political and government background, the lady senator was faced with crucial issues that revealed her immaturity and lack of competency. One example is when she led the hearing for Mamasapano which she failed to display the proper democratic poise. She was a failure and her lack of technical knowhow showed her weaknesses and immaturity that disgraced the office of the president.


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