Monday, January 18, 2016

Maritess Allen Forecast for the year of The Fire Monkey

The International Feng Shui master Marites Allen gave a briefing on the luck indications for each of the zodiac signs to the members of media last Monday, December 7 at the Marco Polo Hotel. She said that not all animals signs are lucky during their year, the Monkey year is very fortunate for all Monkey-born people. The Rat, Dragon, and Snake who are all allies of Monkey, may have difficulties next year according to her.

Starting on February 8, 2016 until January 27, 2017. The Fire Monkey will take over the Wood Sheep as the ruling animal on the Chinese zodiac. For Feng Shui followers, the changing of the lunar year brings different opportunities and certain challenges for each animal sign.

Here are some of my notes during the talk of Ms Marites:

The year of the FIRE monkey 2016
Missing ang water element. 
Maraming panloloko, promiscuity
Pag aralan ang mga kanegosyo para di maloko
Pangalagaan ang relationship. 
Illness will affect everyone
Marami me drama sa buhay
Hot tempered ang tao
Tai sui is in the southwest

Good directions for the year and how to activate it

Southeast is the white prosperity star
Career, new business
Magaan ang pasok ng pera 
Potential growth of money
Put water feature. Aquarium fountain Or anything Color blue candle, rug, doormat, throwpillow 

Don't activate water inside the bedroom. You will lose money and be sickly. 

Romantic and scholastic star
If door is facing this direction, people will be attractive and scholastically performing 

Make your children study in the west area

Activate by putting moving objects like mobiles

Place small water feature like a glass of water

Mandarin ducks in this area

Heaven's luck swerte ang middle daughter

Speculative luck. Pag ang pinto andito madali ang pera sa raffle, lotto games of chance. 

This is a fire direction but place water or natural crystal or symbols of prosperity

Southwest is this year's tai sui direction 
Auspicious wealth star
Wealth catchers like three legged flogs, clean and make it clutter free. Create luck in this space -wealth generating

No renovations because of the presence of the tai sui

Benefittilng the eldest son and rabbit. This is the future prosperity star

Happiness marriage and career opportunity 

Activate it with water. 


UNLUCKY directions and how to cure

Center is bad direction 
Place anything metal. Malakas ang influence ngayon. 
The illness star is present. Ayusin mga healthcare. Pa check up at maging maayos sa pagkain. Have medical insurance. 

Negative issues will arise. Problem relating with other people. Like country to country. Diplomacy ang kailangan, magandang usapan. 

No open fire no bright light. 
Place the water cure. 
Place metal holy gourd. 
Place a six rod metal charm. 
Dont activate lights

5 yellow misfortune star
Affected youngest son
Brings illnesses and even death
Salt and water cure
Place Metal objects brass copper aluminum
No lights no red objects
Avoid this area

North robbery star or violence star
Place water feature
Blue rhino or elephant

Grand Duke of Jupiter
Wag mag construct o mag ingay 
Cure is Tai sui, piyao
Dont activate

No diggings no noise

THREE KILLINGS occupy the whole south
Financial loss sickness 
No renovations 
Place water

 argumentative or quarrelsome star
Patriarchal side
Mainit ulo ng middle aged men
Place mystic knot or red throw pillow
No noise in this area
No construction

Monkey. Offending animal
Me emotional problem, restless, mental restlessness
What to do.. Exercise, diet and be happy, attend happy occasions
Go on a vacation
Study or enrich yourself
Conflict si tiger. 

There are changes that may happen to you for both good and bad. 
Important decisions will happen here. 
Do more charity
Go to church more
Shed blood.
Have blood lab tests

SNAKE torturing year
Hit by tai sui on the side
Behave and keep a low profile
Wait for a better year to come
Helping animal to chase the bad luck away from tiger, monkey 
Carry image of a snake

carry an image of a rabbit
There will be unhappy events around you. Always pray for them
Believe in God

How to maximize wealth luck for 2016
Put water in the north sputhwest and east or blue water


Try to relax 
Not to be emotional
Dont be stressed 
Move on with issues
Go on a vacation
Carry the tai sui
Exercise and diet
Dont be in a hurry
Shed blood

Career and wealth is ok
Dont be arrogant
Be balanced
Health will be the problem
Protect your marriage from a third party
If single you might find a mate
Good chance for business

On his own.. Solo flight
Keep yourself busy and wait for a better year
Don't be emotional
Don't lend money
Control expenditures

Good year for wealth
There are obstacles in life careful of belingings and backstabbers and intrigues
Health issues

Career and wealth is lucky
Health take care
Romance is not good
New opportunities
A lot of backstabbers
Study proposals, purchases

carry the allied animals rooster snake and rat
Mainitin ang ulo keep cool
Obstacles present
Dont lend money
Listen to advise

keep yourself busy
Romance wise dont be too aggressive
Carry tai sui
Challenging take a vacation
Be healthy
Dont lend money
Study make plans
Avoid risky sports
Prone to land accidents

Holds the distant prosperity luck
Believe in yourself
Be busy
Romance is low so wear a rat image

in harmony with the monkey 
Carry ally friends like rat monkey and rooster
Take note of health and relation
Get a new hobby
Try to relax
Careful with travel

Career and wealth good
Romance is bad
Try to protect marriage
No lending of money
Take care of belongings
Potential of three year good luck

Trust your instinct
Take help from everywhere
Keep thoughts to yourself
Drive carefully
Take care of elderlys
Exercise and diet

Dont be lazy
Grab opportunity
Romance luck is good
Wealth star is with this sign
Carry the tai sui


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