Friday, July 31, 2015

MRT-3 State of Condition

 PNOY's "blame game" is nothing new. Every SONA, he always put the blame on the past administration. I agree that whoever is guilty on corruption should be punished, but that's not your job as a president. Leave that to DOJ. Our country needs a lot of attention. Did you notice that people are still leaving the country now compared to the last administration? This reflects the  current state of our country. Blaming GMA  until now, doesn't change the fact that we are still a third world country.

From the SONA of President Aquino on July 27, 2015 he mentioned, Di po ba maski sinong kumpanya, dapat sinisigurong masusulit ang kanilang investment? Pero hinayaan lang nilang lumala nang lumala ang situwasyon hanggang umabot sa puntong ipinasa na sa atin nang ora-orada ang pagsasaayos ng MRT.” 

This puts the blame on the private corporation, MRTC, for the terrible state of condition of MRT-3 and absolves Transportation Secretary Joseph Abaya of any accountability.

MRT-3 has been operating above its average daily capacity of 350,000 reaching up to 600,000 passengers. Due to lack of train coaches this results in long queues at train stations and people are packed like sardines once they step inside. Improper maintenance causes sudden train stops at the most inconvenient places, in between train stations. People have to disembark on the elevated track and trek the distance to the nearest station. At times operation have to be stopped for hours due to power failure. Last August, 2014 one of the train was derailed at the Taft Avenue Station injuring 38 passengers. The post which was hit by the train fell on a car underneath.

On February 28, 2013, President Aquino issued Executive Order 126 authorizing the implementation of the MRT-3 buyout.

President Aquino in his First SONA in 2010 stressed that his administration inherited the problems of the train line and blames then President Arroyo and MRTC for the debacle. Notice, that in all his SONAs he has always mentioned this statement. Perhaps in a year or two after his first SONA this can be an acceptable excuse, but this is already 2015. It is way past the date of passing the blame to the previous administration. There was more than enough time to find a solution. Since this a government project, the private contractor should be following their lead and not the other way around.


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