Wednesday, March 18, 2015


‎PresidentBenigno Aquino III was "hurt" by the BOI report on Mamasapano? How about the ‎SAF 44, the seven civilians and the members of the opposing forces who engaged the brave commandos? They are DEAD. That's way beyond hurt. Their families GRIEVE. That is way beyond hurt. Guess on whose orders, under the advice of a SUSPENDED national police chief?

Believe you me, Mr. Aquino, your hurt is nothing but a pinprick to the agony of grief felt by the bereaved you truly show no caring for. Because your hurt, your father's death in 1983, your pain over accepting the resignation of your SUSPENDED friend (who had no business even touching that bloody operation with a skyscraper-length pole), and your unmitigated blame game matter so much more to you. Yes, the people can tell. No, the blood on your hands will not wash off. 

The reactions of this President is ridiculous and predictable. He is digging his own grave. A more astute politician would have prevented this from becoming a serious crisis simply by saying that the 44 will be avenged when the 44 arrived in Villamor. Instead we have this blunder after blunder after blunder.

I am thankful for the 44 to have revealed how bad that BBL was for the country and how slick this MILF are. No one seriously wants him replaced now with 1 year to go, any successor would just have his hands full until the 2016 elections, you cannot setup a government to be dismantled within the following year and run a presidential campaign at the same time.

The only group in whose agenda replacing Pnoy will fit nicely into are the extreme left (fat chance) and the far right (coup de e'tat).

Please Mr. President, stop digging your own grave and act like a president - the problem is to address the root case of this crisis - Do the bidding of your bosses and stop talking with the MILF - suspend the talks, drop the BBL or leave it for the next president, tell the boys in Congress that the BBL you ordered is cancelled and instead create a bill to modernise the AFP by June and their campaign funds can be released.


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