Tuesday, July 22, 2014

PNOY Should Submit to Supreme Court

As President of the Philippines,  President Aquino should serve as the exemplar of subjection to the rule of Law. And the Sereno Court err Supreme Court has the final word when it comes to interpreting that law. Aquino knows that perfectly well. He wouldn’t have spent megabucks to fund the impeachment of former Chief Justice Renato Corona in 2012 if he did not recognise the power wielded by a judge’s words and the finality the bang of a gavel puts in these.

Unfortunately, the message he brought across in his address to the public was tantamount to an insult on the Filipinos’ intelligence and a flick of the bird to the Supreme Court  He even repeated the same flawed take on the fiscal position of the Philippines he articulated in his first State of the Nation Address in 2010.

So there it is. The Aquino administration violated the Constitution, he violated the General Appropriations Act, he “castrated” Congress of its powers said SC Justice Antonio Carpio, yet he did nothing illegal. Heck he did nothing wrong at all. The Palace line was clear enough: Disbursement Acceleration Program,(DAP) may be unconstitutional but the Palace acted in good faith, thus did no wrong.

The problem with Sec. Butch Abad, and President Aquino is that they are in denial of the SC decision. Presidential Communications Secretary Sonny Coloma during a press conference in  Malacañang, said it bluntly when it was his time to face the pres “Pag sinabing magso-sorry, may ginawa kang kasalanan. Wala po kaming ginawang kasalanan hinggil dito.”

It is said that Ninoy Aquino’s favorite song was “The Impossible Dream.” The song sings about righting the unrightable, bearing the unberable, reaching the unreachable. Perhaps he thought it included defending the indefensible.#


Anonymous said...

the supreme court already made it's decision, it should be respected. we should all move on. Yahweh bless.

papaleng said...

No one is above the law is a universal dictum. Pnoy must submit to this.

controversialcomments said...

Pnoy sure is not defending the right thing right now. He should think before he acts.

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