Saturday, October 26, 2013

SM Men’s Fashion goes beyond borders

The country’s leading men’s apparel brand celebrates the holidays with bold shades of green, red and other rich jewel tones, giving the usual knits and blazers a more festive appeal.

Denim also takes the spotlight with new and interesting twist. The classic all-denim look of the ‘80s gets a more interesting and edgy look as the fashion brand fuses it with contrasting prints.

Graphic shirts also make a comeback inspired by the human anatomy: skulls, bones, muscle tissues, and even the Vitruvian Man of Da Vinci. Not to mention strong, geometric 3D neon elements that create an illusion of depth.
As for the Spring/ Summer line, SM Men’s Fashion takes on a nautical theme with dominant whites, beiges and blues. With a soft fit and easy-to-wear qualities, the pieces are ideal for a wide range of summer occasions.

SM Boys Teen’s Wear captures the spirit of summer in a modernized collection of photographs consisting of sea, sand and skies. Cloud prints of varying shades complete the line.

Highlighting the show was the much-anticipated runway appearance of top male supermodel David Gandy as the new face of SM Men’s Fashion. Known as the highest paid male model in the world, David’s partnership with SM Men’s Fashion is a testament to the brand’s global thrust.


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