Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Colors, Prints, and other Ways to Attract Good Fortune in 2014

            The run-up to the coming Year of the Wood Horse starts with London-based international feng shui expert Marites Allen conducting her much-awaited Annual Feng Shui Updates in Metro Manila. It will be held at the Infinity Ballroom of the F1 Hotel Manila at BGC, Global City on December 7, 2013.

            Co-hosted by Marites and Boy Abunda, this exclusive event is the largest gathering of its kind in the Philippines, bringing together feng shui aficionados from all over the country and neighboring Asian cities.  It includes comprehensive feng shui forecasts for the Chinese New Year, and how feng shui can benefit businesses, industries, and individual lives during the year.  The Year of the Wooden Horse will start on January 31, 2014.

            The practice of feng shui, the Chinese art of placement, goes back hundreds of years and has grown in popularity throughout Asia and the West. Traditionally, it harmonizes the directions and the correct positioning of spaces to conform to the principles of auspiciousness and good fortune. Basic to the practice is the influence of the five cosmic elements—Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal, and Water—to every human activity and aspiration.

The prints in this model’s skinny jeans are combination of different symbols which attracts good health.
While the prints of this this wrap-around dress is for attracting love and successful marriage
Of course for those who want to attract wealth, here’s mystic knot printed dress.

Last but not the least is the design for the Year of the Horse, where prints like a running horse, a golden rhino and auspicious coins are combined.
According to Maritess, each item “carries a distinctive fashion DNA", making Frigga the first of its kind.
Since it serves a fashion statement and a lucky charm, “call it fashion for a reason, or fashion with a purpose that goes beyond looking good,” she said.
Frigga’s design team, which is composed by Toby Meadows, Alice Shreeve, Hannah Coniam and Rupert Shreeve, worked on each design for at least three months.
Aside from her annual fesng shui updates for year 2014, a teaser of the Frigga 2014 collection will be viewed this Dec. 7 at the F1 Hotel Manila in Bonifacio Global City.


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