Thursday, October 10, 2013

Attract Luck this 2014 with the Right Color and Fashion


 The run-up to the coming Year of the Wood Horse starts on December 7, 2013 with London-based international expert Marites Allen to conduct her much-awaited Annual Feng Shui Updates in Manila. It will be held at the Infinity Ballroom of the F1 Hotel Manila at BGC, Global City.

            The event is the largest gathering of its kind in the Philippines that brings together Feng Shui enthusiasts from all over the country and neighboring Asian cities to learn about forecasts for the Chinese New Year and their impact on businesses, industries, and individual lives.  The Year of the Wooden Horse will start on January 31, 2014.

            The practice of Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement, goes back hundreds of years ago and has grown in popularity not only in Asia but also in the Western world. Traditionally, it deals with harmonizing directions and proper positioning of spaces to conform to principles of auspiciousness. Basic to the practice is the influence of five cosmic elements—Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal, and Water—to every human activity and aspiration.

            “Even to those who claim they don’t believe in Feng Shui, its practical applications are all over us in this modern world,” says Ms. Allen, citing the latest iPhone line from Apple Computers as an example.

            She notes that the five colors of its mass-priced line reflect the five Feng Shui elements: Green (Wood), White (Metal), Red (Fire), Yellow (Earth), and Blue (Water). “Even the choice of the Pantone color of the Year follows Feng Shui directions,” she adds.

            With the December 7 Feng Shui Updates event in Manila, Ms. Allen will feature various ways of applying Feng Shui principles to our daily living to attract positive energies. One of these is in the field of auspicious fashion embodied in her own brand, Frigga.

            Launched in London, Tokyo, and soon in Manila this year, Frigga incorporates Feng Shui into its design to come up with comfortable, luxurious, and eye-catching pieces that cater to wearers with specific intentions.
            “Every item carries a distinctive fashion DNA, making Frigga the first of its kind in its league. It combines colors and prints, which are symbolic of various Feng Shui elements that help attract auspicious energies and enhance chances for better health, wealth, career, relationships, among others. Call it fashion for a reason, or fashion with a purpose that goes beyond just looking good,” says the Feng Shui expert now turned Frigga ambassador.

            Frigga is a registered European brand in London. Its team is composed of an award-winning  fabric designers from Europe’s fashion houses and a pool of experienced creative and fashion designers to ensure a dynamic flow of ideas. Every item produced in the production line conforms to Feng Shui design principles.  Ms. Allen herself completed several courses at the University Of Arts London College Of Fashion, including personal fashion styling.

            Participants in the 2014 Annual Feng Shui Updates will be treated to a fashion show featuring designs for the coming New Year and a preview of Frigga’s Spring/Summer collection. The main portion of the event will, of course, be the forecasts for business and individuals, as well as suggestions to attract better opportunities in the Year of the Wood Horse. Popular TV host, Boy Abunda, will again co-host the event with Ms. Allen.

            Tickets for the December convention are now available at all World of Feng Shui Philippines boutiques in Metro Manila or at F1 Hotel. Please call 0920 9509390 / 0917 8522983 / 4420113 / 5560615 for details. For more updates on Feng Shui and Marites Allen, follow her twitter and Facebook page (Marites Allen) or visit her website


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