Friday, August 30, 2013

Move on From Scars with Contractubex

There are life experiences that leave marks or scars on our skin. Those who had an active and adventurous childhood probably have scars on their knees and elbows from scrapes while playing. The boys may get away with an interesting or macho story behind their scars, but this isn’t the case when it comes to girls. Having a scar can affect the way women dress up or carry themselves, and even result to loss of confidence or esteem. I was glad to be part of The “Move On Club” event of  Contractubex ointment once again.
The truth is, no one is spared from getting scarred. No matter how poised we are, life throws us instances that make us fall and slip – even while in our sturdiest stilettos! The scars we earn from these experiences become constant reminders of past mistakes, or things to avoid. Yet in spite of the lesson behind it, a scar is a scar – a blemish, a flaw, an imperfection. contractubex1
(L-R) Dr. Librojo, Maricar Reyes, Belle Gascon and Janice Lagman[

 Dr. Librojo clearly explained the different types of scar:

They are the following:

  1. Raised or hypertrophic scar – confined to the area of the original skin injury; forms after the healing of the wound and is caused by overproduction of connective tissue fibers; tends to bulge and protrude above level of surrounding skin.
  2. Keloid – Also results from overproduction of connective tissue fibers and tend to bulge above the level of the surrounding skin beyond the original wound edges

Don’t let any scar keep you from hiding under your umbrella. Turn your rainy days into the best days of your life! Let the rain showers erase the past and open your heart to better, brighter days. Now you can, with Contractubex! Contractubex is a clinically proven treatment that combines the triple action of Cepae Extract, Heparin and Allantoin to help reduce the appearance of these unsightly marks on your skin.

You may notice that there are several other scar treatments available in the market today. What makes Contractubex different from other silicone-based scar treatments is that its ingredients help reduce inflammation and prevent excessive scar formation. Its water-soluble ointment base allows active ingredients to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin.

 Meet the women who have tried Contractubex, and be inspired by their triumph over scars. These women shared their stories on facing life , having scars and moving on.
joy mendiola
Joy Mendiola was happily married at the age of 26. When she was a little girl, she got bitten by a dog. The experience was very traumatic as she would describe the attack -  The dog ran as fast as it could towards her and bit her small face; reaping her chin, her upper lip, her right temple, her right cheek and her chest.” This impacted her physical and psychological well-being. After several years of succumbing to her fears and insecurities, she finally found the strength to move on. A long-lasting love motivated her to seek options to improve her scars. She underwent a procedure and was advised by the doctor to use Contractubex. A year later the operation, she got married and now has 3 lovely kids. Thanks to Contractubex, she is scar-free and happy. She has now moved on!
rica madrid
Rica Madrid is a pre-cancer survivor. She had to go through a surgery to remove the cyst and myoma on her right ovary. She braved the process of healing and coping with her battle scars. For years, she has tried and tested products that will somehow help to lighten her scar. Some remedies made it worse, some she has been allergic to, some were itchy, some made it even darker. She tried almost everything and even considered a laser procedure but it was not practical for her. Until she found out about Contractubex and this made her all her worries and insecurities go away. She survived and moved on!
 vance madrid
Vance Madrid is a freelance writer, pastry chef, seasoned traveler and food aficionado. She is also a full-time mom to her kids. Her son Kyle is diagnosed with ADHD so she made sure to give him the extra attention, care and love that he needs. Three years ago, Kyle got into an accident that almost took his life. He got bruises, cuts, scrapes and avulsed wounds. It’s heartbreaking for a mother to see her child suffer so much pain. Vance and the doctors were very involved in the healing process given the gravity of the incident. Contractubex was recommended by the doctor to help Kyle with his scars. Now, both Vance and Kyle are healed from the pain. Thanks to Contractubex they have moved on and continue to enjoy life!


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