Friday, May 17, 2013

The World We Want

The World We Want is a project of the United Nations. Like any developmental org, the UN has a bunch of goals that they have set for a certain period, and the current set of goals will be reached in 2015. They are beginning to draft their plans for 2015 onward, and they want input from people they would not otherwise reach.

To do this, they're turning to the internet. They've put up a poll and are asking people like you and me to vote to nominate what we think are the six most pressing issues that the world is facing.

This great infographic from the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) shows the increase in reporting on gender equality initiatives over time - the black line is 2004, orange is 2012.

Here's an infographic about the state of women in the Philippines:

Political freedoms,better healthcare,protecting forests and rivers and oceans,action taken on climate change, a good education,better transport and roads,access to clean water and sanitation,reliable energy at home,better job opportunities, phone and internet access,protection against crime and violence,support for people who can’t work,
affordable and nutritious food,freedom from discrimination and persecution equality between men and women, an honest and responsive government.  

Which of these would you want our leaders to prioritize for a better PHILIPPINES? The United Nations would like to know! Take the UNs’ 1-minute survey for citizens’ priorities and mark a difference for your country and the world! 


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