Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blu Jays Fan Party

 16 year old Filipino-Mexican sweetheart Jessica Sanchez has long won the world by capturing the hearts of many with her brilliant singing style and over the top performance during the eleventh season of the reality television singing competition, American Idol. Rooting for Jessica Sanchez?  Well, you need the right group for that.Join the BluJays  in support of this young woman's journey to the top. From what I know the name "BluJays" came up because she wore blue during that standout "I Will Always Love You" performance.
 Her fans recently had a Blu Jays party which was sponsored by Odyssey.

Some fans even showcased their talents
Some Fans  joined the games

                                 Some fans won the raffle contest. They were great prizes too 

These Two Girls were wearing Jessica Sanchez inspired outfits


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