Tuesday, May 21, 2013

12 Stone Music Tour

12 Stone Inc. is a brand of multimedia products with one aim, to spread the passion for Original Pilipino Music. Its vision is to provide alternative avenues for OPM Artists to share their music and inspire the younger generation.

12 Stone Inc. understands the heart of a home-grown Filipino musician and would like to aid in letting loose the voices that wish to be heard. 12 Stone Records' Artists: Kitchie Nadal, Barbie Almalbis, Rocksteddy, Absolute Play, Save Me Hollywood and Ruth Legaspi.

12 Stone records is an independent record company and artist management which was founded in 2003 by the one of the movers and shakers of the music industry, Mr. Tommy Tanchanco. It's first ever album released is Kitchie Nadal's debut album with the phenomenal hit songs, "Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin, Same Ground and Bulong". With the success of it's first release, 12 Stone also signed up Rocksteddy and Barbie Almalbis.

Currently the record company has added the Kid Punk group Absolute Play, Save Me Hollywood and acoustic artist Ruth Legaspi. The company's objective is to reach out not only the local market but eventually expand service to the international scene.

The event will be hosted by  Margo Midwinter. She has appeared in TV Commercials, Print Ads, Magazines, Movies, Music Videos, Fashion Shows, Pageants and TV Appearances. 

The label will start it off with an album launch featuring all 12 Stone in-house talents on June 1st at the Eastwood Central Plaza. It will then be followed by the 12 Stone Music Tour from June to October. Catch it first of June 7 at The Lucky Chinatown in Manila at 4pm, and second at the Venice Piazza McKinley Hill on June 9 at 7 in the evening. Expect the tour to visit from campus to campus residing in Metro Manila, as well as other relevant cities. Brought to you by Creative Minds-Strategic Media Marketing & Events' official marketing arm, 12 Stone Productions. Who aims to provide alternative avenues for OPM artists!


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