Monday, October 15, 2012

Golden Root

Golden Root Complex was developed following a study into reducing the effect of Erectile Dysfunction by the National Hospital of Singapore in 1998, which concluded that certain purified herbs could be an effective treatment for most users. Since then, Golden Root Complex has been developed as a natural remedy for a condition that had only previously been managed by synthetic or chemical products. Golden Root Complex, by boosting male sex drive, performance and stamina, is bought by men - and women, with their partners in mind.

Golden Root is a herbal supplement designed to help increase sexual stamina and arousal in men.
Manufactured in the United Kingdom and clinically approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Golden Root Complex is for men looking to enhance their sexual experience.

 Golden Root Complex helps maintain a stronger erection; treats premature ejaculation; and helps maintain an erection after ejaculation. One of the Daily Mail’s top 10 health products for men in February 2008, it is currently the best-selling alternative to synthetic preparations such as Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil, with annual sales of over 5 million units in the United Kingdom. By far, Golden Root Complex is also the most effective herbal alternative among supplements for erectile enhancement, that can be bought over the counter without a doctor’s prescription.

 With a name based on its prime ingredient, Golden Root Complex sticks to its roots and objectives. Golden root is an aphrodisiac and cognitive stimulant that combats tension and fatigue and boosts concentration. Aside from golden root, the supplement is also made with maltese mushroom, which helps treat impotence and seminal emission; tongkat ali, an energy enhancer and aphrodisiac; siberian ginseng, another powerful aphrodisiac, which also increases physical energy and stamina; muira puama, which improves physical and psychological aspects of the libido; schisandrachinesis, one of sexual tonics recorded in early texts of Chinese herbal medicine; and saw palmetto—among a handful of other ingredients—which enhances sexual functioning, desire, and helps treat the prostrate. Golden Root Complex comes as a 300mg capsule to be taken as needed. For safety reasons, men are not advised to take more than one capsule a day. For the best effect, take a capsule of Golden Root Complex with water or in a drink, 30 minutes to one hour before the desired effect, and on an empty stomach. Effects take longer to materialize when taken after a meal. With every technological advancement available to men, it’s nice to note that one could still return to nature’s roots for the best solutio


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