Friday, August 24, 2012


Every woman wants to feel irresistibly sexy, and touchably soft skin is one of the sexiest statements a woman can make. As Avon, the No. 1 direct-selling company, addresses the ever-growing beauty needs of women, Filipinas can now learn the secret to feeling irresistibly sexy from the new Skin So Soft, Avon’s trusted No. 1 hand & body lotion brand.

Avon recently launched its new Skin So Soft lines with an updated modern look and improved formulas. The same well-loved whitening, moisturizing, and enhancing Skin So Soft lines are now infused with the most coveted nourishing oils and enticing fragrances that leave your skin with all-day sexy softness.

The New Skin So Soft Soft & White

Unveil your smoothest, brightest skin all over with the new Skin So Soft Soft & White line formulated with brightening marula oil that is rich in anti-oxidants. The line also contains an Advanced Brightening Complex that dials down dark skin pigments and dials up light skin pigments.
Choose from different Soft & White bath and body products and enjoy soft, whiter skin in just 7 days! Skin So Soft Soft & White Radiant Glow Hand & Body Lotion whitens and makes skin glow radiantly with its active ingredient, Pearl Powder. Skin So Soft Soft & White Protect & Enhance Body Lotion whitens and protects skin from harmful UV rays with SPF 12. Skin So Soft Soft & White Intensive Whitening Hand & Body Lotion immediately whitens skin after the first application, and contains Thiodipropionic Acid (TDPA), an Avon patented ingredient that targets dark age spots. Skin So Soft Soft & White Cellulite Minimizer Lotion whitens and smoothens the appearance of cellulite in just 2 weeks through its Triple Firm Technology. Skin So Soft Soft & White Whitening Body Wash creates a rich foamy lather that cleanses without stripping skin of moisture, leaving your skin deeply moisturized. Lastly, Skin So Soft Soft & White Whitening Hand Cream restores moisture to dry hands leaving your skin feeling silky, soft, and velvety smooth. After 1 week of use, hands look younger, healthier and radiant.

The New Skin So Soft Silky Moisture

Lavish your skin in the luxurious, long-lasting moisture it deserves, with the new Skin So Soft Silky Moisture now containing Argan oil that aids in hydrating dry to extra dry skin. Skin Softening Nourishers and Essential Vitamin E penetrate skin's surface layers to provide lasting moisture. Enjoy 4 moisturizing bath and body products. Skin So Soft Silky Moisture Replenishing Body Lotion is infused with skin illuminators and provides long lasting, 24-hour moisturization. Skin So Soft Silky Moisture Ultra Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion immediately boosts skin moisture by 133%. Skin So Soft Silky Moisture Creamy Body Wash cleans with ultra creamy lather that leaves skin soft, smoother, and more supple. Skin So Soft Silky Moisture Roll-on Anti-Perspirant Deodorant provides all-day freshness with Silkplex Technology containing essence of luxurious silk transforming skin with sensual softeners.

The New Skin So Soft Firming & Renewing
Flaunt revived, youthful skin with the Skin So Soft Firming & Renewing line that rejuvenates with Babassu oil that leaves skin moisturized and well-conditioned. This line also contains Triple Firming Complex that restores skin vitality and boosts its firmness.  In just two weeks, firmer, healthier skin can be seen and felt. Skin So Soft Firming & Renewing Hand and Body Lotion contains an age-corrective complex,  Avon’s Triple Firm Technology, and TDPA to make skin look and feel firmer and tighter skin in 1 week of use. Skin So Soft Firming & Renewing Rejuvenating Body Wash also contains the Triple Firm Technology and TDPA, and provides silky, rich lather that cleanses and exfoliates skin while maintaining its natural moisture.


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