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The No. 1 hand and body lotion now offers a New and Improved range of Skin So Soft products

A woman’s soft, healthy skin is one of her most beautiful assets, so it is only natural that she cares for it with the most trusted bath and body products from the company that knows women best—Avon. To address the desire for irresistibly sexy, touchably soft skin, Avon now brings Filipinas its New and Improved Skin So Soft lines featuring a modern look and improved formulas.

Avon invited me and my co bloggers to the Avon Products Manufacturing Inc. (APMI) Plant in Calamba, Laguna to introduce the newest Skin So Soft products and for an exclusive tour of the facility. Avon showcased the strong and efficient product development capabilities of its local manufacturing facility which produces a full range of Avon products, including the new Skin So Soft.

Quality and Excellence: Avon’s Promise
As the No.1 company for women, Avon is committed to providing women with what they want and more. To give them the skin they have been longing for, Avon launches New and Improved Skin So Soft lines. These products are made from luxurious and natural ingredients and oils, leaving the skin looking healthy and irresistibly sexy.

To ensure the highest quality of products, Avon uses imported ingredients for the New Skin So Soft variants and produces them within their local manufacturing facility. With its advanced equipment, efficient processes, and skilled talents, the Avon plant in the Philippines is at par with other plants within the region. The manufacturing center is located in a 7 hectare compound, comprising APMI and ACI operations, and employs a total of 274 regular employees. The facility focuses on its products, processes, people, and customers and plays a key role in Avon’s supply chain to ensure that the needs of

Avon customers in different regions are met. The plant also exports products to South Africa, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and Taiwan.

“Since 1983, the APMI Facility has focused on optimizing its processes and systems to deliver fast, quality, and safe products to our modern customers. At the same time, we continuously improve our programs and strongly adhere to green policies to ensure that we protect and preserve the environment while providing the needs of our customers,” explains Collin Whittington, APMI General Manager and Manufacturing Director.

New and Improved: Avon Skin So Soft
“Our customers have continuously supported us, making Skin So Soft the No. 1 hand and body lotion, so we owe it to them to give them something new and better. Featuring a modern look and infused with luxurious ingredients, the three main product lines are meant to address women’s different skins concerns and to bring out their healthy, attractive and irresistibly sexy skin. We are very proud of our newest bath and body products from Skin So Soft as they are not only infused with superior ingredients and natural oils but also produced in a safe, clean, and environment-friendly facility,” says Mari Ann Soliven, Avon Color and Personal Care Senior Category Manager.

With the new Skin So Soft Soft & White line, women can now show off their smoothest and brightest skin. Avon Skin So Soft Soft & White bath and body products, with marula oil and Advanced Brightening Complex, promise soft and whiter skin in just 7 days!

Avon Skin So Soft Soft & White has 6 different products: Radiant Glow Hand & Body Lotion with its active ingredient, Pearl Powder; Protect & Enhance Body Lotion with SPF 12; Intensive Whitening Hand & Body Lotion which contains Thiodipropionic Acid (TDPA); Cellulite Minimizer Lotion with Triple Firm Technology; Whitening Body Wash which leaves skin deeply moisturized and; Whitening Hand Cream that promises younger, healthier and more radiant hands after 1 week of use.

To bring back moisture and to achieve a vibrant and healthy looking skin, there’s also the Skin So Soft Silky Moisture line, which includes the Replenishing Body Lotion, Ultra

Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion, Creamy Body Wash, and Roll-on Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. Meanwhile, the Skin So Soft Firming and Restoring line keeps the skin’s vitality and boosts its firmness in just 2 weeks with its Triple Firming Complex and Babassu oil. Its product line-up includes the Skin So Soft Firming and Restoring Hand and Body Lotion which provides firmer and tighter skin in just 1 week and the Rejuvenating Body Wash which cleans and exfoliates skin while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture.

I was excited to take home my own complete set of Avon Skin So Soft products that I shared with my friends so they can also experience firsthand irresistibly soft, fair and healthy skin.

The New & Improved Skin So Soft lines are available exclusively through Avon Representatives nationwide.

Skin So Soft Soft & White Radiant Glow Hand & Body Lotion, Protect & Enhance Body Lotion, Cellulite Minimizer Lotion and Whitening Body Wash, Skin So Soft Silky Moisture Replenishing Body Lotion, Creamy Body Wash, and Roll-in Anti-Perspirant Deodorant are available now.

Skin So Soft Soft & White Intensive Whitening Hand & Body Lotion and Whitening Hand Cream will be available starting September 16, 2012.

Skin So Soft Silky Moisture Ultra Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion, Skin So Soft Firming & Renewing Hand and Body Lotion and Rejuvenating Body Wash will be available starting October 1, 2012.

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