Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's a Poorman ballgame (P 2,950 - 3,190)

Sicks and Triumph in Converse Sicks (P 5,430) and Converse Triumphant (P 3,990).
Converse has come a long way from starting its company in 1908. Now, after more than a century in the business, Converse has created countless shoes worn by countless big name basketball greats and Converse is in no way stopping itself from developing shoes to play and feel the court with!

From its first inception, Converse basketball technology has developed itself to be at par with the rest of its competitors and its latest performance release is sure to be a hit on court! Built with Converse renowned FEEL technology, the Converse SICKS Mid is the latest to come out of the Converse basketball lab. A profusion of mesh and leather makes its upper stylish and fashionable and its inner workings transform this shoe to a killer on the court!

A basketball release will not be complete without paying homage to the iconic shoes of yesteryears and Converse understands this with a great basketball shoe line-up for 2011. A release endorsed by Dr. J, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson in the 70s, the Star Tech appeal is more pronounced than ever. Featuring uni-saddle construction, the Star Tech is true to its predecessors in its make, but updated with new colorways that are just dying to hit the street – cool classic green, snazzy navy and gold, and the unassuming white and navy.

Not to be forgotten, the Poorman Pro Team joins this year’s heritage release. Flexible and durable, the shoes had stood the test of time on and off the court. Still featuring the same look and function you loved before with an all new colorway and materials, the Poorman Pro Team is out to do it again.

From sports to fashion, the Converse Triumphant makes the distinction almost impossible with its sleek black leather look. Sporting the same construction that won the hearts of basketball players of yesteryears, this pair is out to wow the youths of today, whether it’s for a pick-up game or as a fashion statement.

Converse got game and it’s bringing its own brand of basketball back into play with this year’s releases. Check out other cool Converse styles at and don’t to look up Converse Philippines and like our page on Facebook for your daily dose of Converse!


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