Friday, May 20, 2011

Rusty Lopez for Philippine Fashion Week

            Rusty Lopez steps anew into the stage of the celebrated Philippine Fashion Week at the SMX Convention Center at the SM  Mall of Asia on May 15, 2011.
Since 1977, Rusty Lopez boasts of a wide range of shoes for every member of the family: from Dad’s loafers, work and formal shoes; Mom's sandals and classic  pumps to girls’ trendy and edgier pumps, peep-toes and strappy high-heeled pieces to  boys’ boat shoes and boots and children’s school shoes. It has since steered its shoe designs toward the casual, formal, athletic, outdoor and corporate. Now, it goes back full circle to its brand strength as it pays homage to the ‘Modern Family’.
             Over the years, Rusty Lopez’s ingenuity and craftsmanship enables the company to respond to the needs of present times, creating fresh and innovative styles and designs—including high-quality bags, accessories and apparel—that fit the taste and lifestyle of today’s ‘Modern Family’. 
For this year’s Philippine Fashion week, Rusty Lopez highlights an exciting catwalk concept divided into two segments—Day and Night, where footwear eye candies are presented in the light of daytime situations and nighttime rendezvous.
            A cool professional dad, a working mom (who successfully manages her time between home and career) and children who are up-to-date in the latest technology and trends yet are still family-oriented  and have strong core values, depict today’s ideal “Modern Family”.  Rusty Lopez has prepared beautiful yet practical inspirations for them with Weekend Wear,  Denim Wearand the Biker Look.
            Weekend Wear features a group of friends who are out on a typical Sunday wearing casual clothes in colors that are refreshing and relaxed matched with Rusty Lopez’s wedges and wedged sandals and casual or patent loafers.
Denim has become one of the hottest fabrics and everywhere, it is being dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. With Denim Wear, Rusty Lopez creates a rock-chick look by mixing and matching the denims with the right shoes and sandals to underscore the message that, like the dependable denims, Rusty Lopez has evolved into staple, all-weather footwear that has served the Filipino market for 34 years.
           The Biker Look is one of the strongest trends this year.   Rusty Lopez shoes stand out amidst almost-black ensembles.  In this segment, models do not wear leather and knee-high boots as expected of the ‘biker’ prototype. Men don denims and ankle high boots while women are seen in colorful stilettos and wedges.
           Stars shine brighter when Rusty Lopez launches its Night Collection which includes theColor Blocking, Suit Yourself and Black and White Segments.
            Rusty Lopez embraces color with Color Blocking. Thus, the runway is awash with the hip ‘70s groove as seen in blasts of colors that are bold, elegant and eclectic. Footwear adds drama and the perfect finishing touch in the whole canvass. Capturing the ‘70s slant are basic pumps, as classic as they are flexible and comfortable which are trademarks of the Rusty Lopez brand.  There are also stilettos that add femininity and glamour to the total look.
The Suit Yourself segment illustrates how clothes can be tweaked to make them look hip, trendy, fashion-forward, and fit for work. These are worn with different types of metallic shoes and different styles of stilettos for women (which are perfect for the modified suit trends) and men’s pigskin loafers.
           Finally, formal footwear in the final segment billed Black and White.Female models are in black stilettos, wedges and formal sandals.  Similarly, men are in formal shoes. The result is an elegant scene with models in black and white.  A refreshing twist is created when men wear casual shorts paired with formal tops while other don headpieces for added drama.

            Studded heeled shoes or strappy or slim-line stilettos are paired with   formal as well as fun and flirty bubble-hem tea ballerina dresses. Rusty Lopez takes pride in their classic pairs that are timeless enough to be worn through the years and offer a sophisticated finish to formal wear. 


            “The ‘Modern Family’ concept captures what the Rusty Lopez brand stands for today. The show creatively showcases our company statement on the importance of having the right footwear, that even if you are wearing something basic, you can dress it  up or down with your shoes,” Nicole Lopez, Rusty Lopez’s  merchandising and marketing officer explains.
            Cutting-edge designers Juliet and Mimi Tan  lend their creative take on the clothes while head stylist Patricia Coronado together with stylists Eric Poliquit and Enzo Mondejar make sure that all pieces work well together, from head to toe. This is the second time that the brand is participating in the PFW, after its first and highly successful appearance last year.
            Rusty Lopez’s Back to School to Holiday 2011 Collections will be unveiled on  May 15 at the SMX Convention Center.
            Step right in! 


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