Sunday, May 15, 2011

Havaianas and the Citizens of Summer

For summer aficionados who live in tropical countries like the Philippines, fashion trends come and go, but summer never goes out of style.

Havaianas celebrates individuals who make summer their own all year round.  They are called the Havaianas Citizens of Summer – fun, stylish people who truly live out the summer spirit of Havaianas wherever they go. These people live in a summer state of mind and inspire others to join them in doing so. Havaianas recognizes the following Citizens of Summer: Alvey Alfonso, Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Cecile Van Straten, Hindy Weber-Tantoco, Luke Landrigan, Margarita Forés, Professor Fantasma, Rosanna Ocampo, Sassa Jimenez, Stephanie Kienle, and Stephanie Zubiri.

On the 6th year of Make Your Own Havaianas, these ambassadors of the sun take time to share how they make summer last forever.

The year’s hottest season is one meant to be spent with friends and family. “Summer is hanging at the beach and teaching people the joys of surfing,” shares professional surfer and surf school owner, Luke Landrigan. His quest for the perfect waves both in and out of the country drive him to search for that eternal summer. For food columnist and travel enthusiast, Stephanie Zubiri, summer is about spontaneous travelling, adventure, and surprising oneself with exquisite gifts from every country’s culture. She adds, “Summer is lifting the weight off your shoulders, letting go of all shackles, and surrendering yourself to life.”

Meanwhile, for fashion designer and travel buff, Sassa Jimenez, summer is the time to be more carefree and laid-back. “Summer is a time to experiment with your personal style and even explore places that you’ve never been to before. Summer to me is basically about freedom, self-discovery, and, of course, fun!” she says.

For Havaianas Citizens of Summer, the delights of going someplace new and imbibing different cultures and experiences anywhere around the world are never a dull moment. They believe that travelling provides inspiration to hone their personal passions as well as fashion styles. Comfort and personal style are two essentials that any jetsetter should have for every travel.

Now, Havaianas is giving all summer-loving, flip-flops enthusiasts the opportunity to create their own stylish travel experiences and declare their summer citizenship with Make Your Own Havaianas 2011.

For this year's Make Your Own Havaianas, presented by Power Plant Mall, the world's favorite flip-flops brand highlights stylish personalized travel. From May 12 to 16, beginning 10 a.m. at the Rockwell Tent, Havaianaticos and travel enthusiasts can personalize their very own Havaianas flip-flops by mixing and matching the colors of their soles and straps and then embellishing them with fun and unique pins. This year’s Make Your Own Havaianas offers travel-inspired designs on the limited edition soles (available in Top and Slim designs) and iconic pins from around the world which are sure to give Havaianaticos and travel buffs their very own trendy travel experience.


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