Monday, April 18, 2011


Pond’s Flawless White, unbeaten for lighter beautiful skin  

Lately as women have more and more skin care products to choose from, they are having a difficult time deciding which product will give them the flawless white skin they dream of. With the right product, they know that fair, beautiful skin can be possible. However, time and time again, certain products fail to produce the results women hope for. Pond’s, however, does otherwise. Pond’s promises every woman that it can and will do just that. It continues to be unbeaten by others.

Attesting once again what Pond’s Flawless White promises in seven days, see your skin become visibly lighter and dark spots reduced. With VAO-B3 complex, it has been clinically proven to be unbeaten when tested against prestige whitening creams. Pond’s Flawless White offers superior lightening properties against dark spots and blemishes as opposed to expensive brands. Its unique VAO-B3 complex offers maximum whitening performance by working towards the root of the problem, reducing the production and transfer of melanin at its source. Women can finally have the confidence to achieve radiant and flawless white skin, and maintain the beauty and romance in their lives without it having to be expensive. 
Showcasing the unrivaled power of Pond’s Flawless White, Pond’s presents “The Unbeaten Whitening Experience.” Pond’s invited today’s top beauty bloggers to handpick a premium-brand-conscious friend who subscribes to the idea of “more expensive means more effective” when it comes to their skin lightening regimen. This friend took on the challenge to use the entire Pond’s Flawless White range and proved that expensive doesn’t always mean better for fairer, flawless and radiant skin.

With the bloggers tasked to chronicle the effects of Pond’s Flawless White, these women observed and compared the results of their Pond’s experience with their previous skin care regimen experience. Throughout the three weeks, bloggers posted exciting revelations about her partner as her friend’s face visibly became fairer and flawlessly radiant with Pond’s. Because updates were posted in the Pond’s website, readers discovered that they too can have a flawless face without having to spend too much. Readers were also invited to vote until April 10, 2011 for their favorite team on the Pond’s website so that their chosen pair gets the chance to win the Grand Prize – a two-page Pond’s Flawless White magazine feature in the June 2011 issue of the country’s top publications. 
The nine teams was also judged by the most prestigious magazines’ editors-in-chief – Mega’s Sari Yap, Cosmopolitan’s Zo Aguila, and Metro’s Michelle Torres, who will deem which team represented Pond’s the best.

The nine Pond’s bloggers and women handpicked for “The Unbeaten Whitening Experience” include Michelle Martinez and Cathleen Lao (The Queen of Talk and the Quirky Attorney), Rowena Lei and Catherine Gensolin (The Active Bloggermom and the Certified Mompreneur), Sophie Uy and Nikki Tiu (The Beauty Nerd and the Energizer Bunny), Jheng Santos-Baluyot and Shen Gee (The Artsy Techie and the Beauty Addict), Tara Cabullo and Dang Villanueva (The Beauty Advocate and the Chic Traveler), Lace Llanora and Earth Rullan (The Inventive Writer and the Fearless Pinay), Ginger Arboleda and Reena Sarmiento (The Multi-Role Player and The Happiness Magnet), Liz Lanuzo and Tanya Baldovino (The Make-Up Enthusiast and the Witty Fashionista), and Martha Sta. Barbara and Jill Sabitsana (The Art and Beauty Lover and The Social Guru.) 

Learn more about “The Unbeaten Whitening Experience” at and   hear the last say from your favorite bloggers that Pond’s Flawless White is the way for Unbeatably fairer, flawless looking skin.


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