Monday, April 11, 2011

B.U.M Equipment Bloggers Night

How do we define the youth of today? Crazy? eccentric? or perhaps unpredictable! This generation of young people share more in common, in terms of day-today experiences, with peers in the other parts of the country and perhaps accross the globe than has ever been in the local scene.

This is the question that was posed during the 2nd B.U.M. Equipment Bloggers Night. Dino Imperial was game enough to talk to the bloggers and answered all our questions.

Todays teens possess a strong sense of personal empowerment. For the youth, power is about having options; its about being able to shape their lives according to their own desires. Education, gatgets, TV and music, and the streets are the familiar powerful educators and tools that builds their enthusiasms and shapes their attitude that make it all happen.

Staying connected and in touch, Moving from one place to the other with anything new are todays teens empowerment. CHANGE is the challenge that the youth is facing today.

The new generation expects more than place-to-place voice interaction and one-to-many broadcast communication. They grew with the wireless person-to-person voice interaction. Multichannel television and a virtual limitless internet, they have been taught to express themselves, they expect their opinions to carry weight and they assume their communication to be interactive.

 Todays teens want to know whats out there. They are keen to learn about new options; they are eager to try out new tastes, new ideas, new experiences. And they have the tools to discern whats relevant to them.

It is a period teens discovery and experimentation that is fueled by he said/she said, he wore/she wore, he did/she did mechanism. Bum will definitely differentiate its mix and surely serve it in aninnovative and distinctive way as its ultimate goal. With that in mind B.U.M Equipment is launching a contest:

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